This is cute, so here’s a gifset.


I actually really want Tamina Snuka to win the Divas championship.


Acai after-party with my super homie, CM Punk. #teamrousey #ufc170 @acairoots (@arielhelwani shoulda been here!)” renergracie


It pisses me off that people say EVERY AJ fan hates on other divas and fans. AJ is my favorite diva right now, and I may not like divas like The Bellas, Natalya, Summer, etc, but I don’t hate on them, or other fans, even the ones that don’t like AJ. Yeah, some might do that, but not every single one does. Stop implying shit that isn’t true just to make a point.”


He got married in bloody jeans.

Nice of them to bring Paul Bearer along for the day, though.

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